Fire Damaged Properties

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Fire Damaged Properties

Johns Lyng Aztech have extensive experience and knowledge regarding the safe handling and disposal of Asbestos from fire affected properties.

Asbestos containing materials can crack or spall from the heat generated by fire. Spalling occurs when flakes of the material ‘pop’ off due to the heat causing a build up of pressure inside the material. Asbestos fibres are released into the air during spalling.

Fires affecting properties made of asbestos containing materials can produce a range of asbestos debris, including unburnt and partly burnt pieces.  The high heat generated by the fire can severely damage asbestos containing building materials and spread them some distance from the affected area. 

Fire affected properties must be dealt with by a licenced Class A Asbestos Removalist like Johns Lyng Azteh, who have the relevant safety and execution knowledge of how to undertake this removal safely.

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Aztech Services

Our team of experts will safely collect possible
asbestos samples and promptly get NATA qualified testing results.



Residential Asbestos Removal

We provide 24/7 asbestos removal related
services during catastrophes and emergencies. 


Commercial Asbestos Removal

Our teams provide a safe workplace
for employees in commercial spaces.


Soil Remediation

ACM in soil is properly tested and if found positive, excavated and disposed safely. 


Asbestos Disposal

We Engage EPA accredited agent for
transportation of the Hazardous waste. 


School Asbestos Removal

All our onsite team members carry their WWCC at all times and secure health and safety of our children. 


Fire Damaged Properties

Asbestos in fire damaged properties are exposed to air, hence they need to be disposed as a friable asbestos.